A Short Hoot

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Short Hoot

Chippawa Island (yup, this is the right spelling kids)

This is the private island just west of Big McCoy. The family who owns it has kindly asked to me remind everyone it’s off limits for camping and campfires. While we’re thinking about the McCoys – a reminder too that Little McCoy is likewise out of bounds for camping and campfires – but you are welcome to day visit – as it’s managed by the Georgian Bay Land Trust on behalf of the McCoy family.

Sheltered Waters Paddling Weekend Special Offer! For the May 31 eve – June 2 session only.

Learn to paddle like a pro with two of our funnest, finest instructors – Ayden and Gracie. We meet Friday night for munchies and hot drinks – and Saturday will be on mighty Cole Lake – learning the best ways of paddling. Sunday, we plan to head out to the sheltered islands near Snug Harbour where you can try out your new skills with Ayden and Gracie close by with coaching and lots of chocolate. We’re offering a special FREE kayak rental so you just can’t say no! Call us for more info at 705-342-5324 and check out:https://www.whitesquall.com/course/sheltered-waters-level-1/.

Tim’s Fast Tip

Here’s an old trick that could result in you putting a hole in your boat, but done well – actually makes your boat speedier. If things go awry, think of it as now a project for someone who knows what they are doing! A beat up poly canoe, SUP or kayak with abrasions, scratches and scuffs is slower through the water simply due to increased skin friction. And we all know that the end game of paddling is to go faster than anyone else so you get there – wherever ‘there’ is. Take a blow torch and your steady hand and move it quickly and consistently a few inches off the hull so the plastic begins to melt to a lovely sheen – THEN STOP! This makes the surface smoother and therefore faster. How much faster? not much – and one big problem (other than putting a hole in your boat) is doing this on a boat that is not polyethylene – that would not be good. Now I’ve convinced you not to try this – try it anyway – Red Green would have done it had he known…

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